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Merger between International Medical Insurance Insurers - Interglobal and AETNA

A message from Interglobal highlightling the salient points:

"We're joining the strengths of both organizations to enable us to deliver service enhancements that benefit all of the people we serve. These enhancements are just the beginning of a service evolution that will demonstrate our commitment to first-class service and our focus on meeting customers' needs.

These changes are already well underway and will address improvements in some of the most critical service and operational areas. Our approach is guided by three key concepts:

 1. Personal touch
     Bring key customer facing services in-house,
     Outreach to members at key service touch points

 2. Expediency
     Speed up processes through controls and efficiencies

 3. Scalability
     Scale-up our most successful processes

Here are some of the things we're working on and some of the things we've already done:

We're combining Aetna International and InterGlobal plan administration teams in certain locations and bringing key workflows in-house to improve accuracy and speed of fulfilment for new and renewal business.
We are moving pre-authorization, medical evacuation and case management in-house to speed up processes and provide stronger medical oversight of cases. These functions will be under the direct control of our own medical and operational experts within the International Health Advisory Team and InterGlobal Assistance.
We've created an online Guarantee of Payment (GOP) tool to speed up the pre-authorization of common out-patient procedures. Available for Aetna International business only at this time.
We've improved the online claims submission process by making it easier for members to submit their information in a new online form. Available for Aetna International business only at this time.
We're improving the speed of member reimbursement claims settlement by bringing claims assessment and management in-house and adding triage of claims through member outreach.
We're improving member engagement by personalizing communication and outreach to help members better understand our claim decisions.

These improvements are just the beginning of an exciting process of integrating the strengths of Aetna International and InterGlobal. We expect the process to result in many additional improvements that will benefit all of the people we serve".

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