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Life begins at 40, well in my case almost 40 !

A quick introduction, my name is Brian Taylor and my role at Health Matters is to head-up wellbeing services and in particular to look after all things relating to our Employee Assistance Programmes and of course to look after our EAP clients. A job that I enjoy immensely and take a considerable amount of personal pride in.

I’m 39 but soon to be hitting the Big 4-0 ! Some people no doubt, take turning 40 in their stride. That said, there are many people out there that will be dreading this milestone in their life. Apparently until quite recent I’ve been making all the sounds of being one of them. Now the grey hair is setting in and as I look back, I do recall memories of being 21 and being at least 2 stone lighter, and being a much more active man back in the day.

So in looking for confidence and inspiration from those around me that turning middle-aged is not actually a bad thing, and does not necessarily herald the beginning of the end, I think I may have actually found the encouragement I needed. I’m told by others that 40 is just a number and after receiving many words on the subject from the over 40’s club (membership in the post) I’ve decided to put my midlife crisis on hold for at least a few more years.

Instead I’m now looking at this as an opportunity to make a few long overdue changes, and not the kind of changes that wishful-thinkers half-heartedly attempt to promise themselves at New Year such as to join the local Gym or to go on the Atkins Diet – but rather I’m now on a quest to conquer new heights. Incidentally I did join a Gym last year; I even kept it up for 6 months or so before the inevitable happened… I stopped going.

Anyway, conquering new heights - no this is not a metaphor for wanting to sit in front of Sir Alan Sugar or to become the next Dragon on Dragon’s Den. I actually do mean conquering new heights, well new to me. Please allow me to explain myself; last weekend saw me taking one massive step outside of my current lifestyle… I spent a total of 6 hours walking, climbing and scrambling my way to the summit of Mount Snowdon and then back down again, 3,560 ft. (1,085 metres) which equated to a round trip of 7 miles. All this in weather that would make Bear Grylls think twice !

Once back to base being the campsite, what a sense of personal achievement. I felt that I had earned my aches n’ pain and especially the reward of a long hot shower. It’s after doing these kinds of things that you get reminded that you’re alive ! Yes, alive n’ kicking at 40 !

I will add that Snowdonia is a tremendously impressive and beautiful place. I live and work in the Midlands, well Coventry to be exact, and when I do travel it’s mostly to office buildings via endless motorways, in fact I’m sure several years of my life will collate to being on the M1, M6 or M25 at any one time. So believe me, this was an unexpected and most welcome experience.

On the list is to return to Snowdonia to conquer Crib Goch. Also to conquer Scafell Pike, Scafell and then up to Scotland for Ben Nevis. It’s not just the mountains either; I’m now planning to explore the Cheddar Gorge, the Brecon Beacons and the Lakes, etc.

My new found appreciation for the outdoors and healthier pursuits will hopefully be here to stay and mark a new era for me.

Watch this space !

Kind regards

Brian Taylor
Aspiring Alpinist

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