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International Healthcare in the Arab World

James Henson, Sales Director at Health Matters, has recently written an editorial for the Arab British Chamber of Commerce Magazine, Economic Focus. The article discusses international healthcare provision or expatriate healthcare needs in the Arab World including brief examples of what you need to know about working and living in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. 

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The healthcare requirements for many Arab countries are changing very rapidly. Dubai has just passed legislation to make it mandatory to have a certain standard of healthcare provision for all expatriates similar to Adu Dhabi.  This has not been officially enacted as yet so it is not a practicing law but history shows that it will happen and when it does will be swift. 

From the discussions that we have had with our clients and the international healthcare insurers about this area and international health insurance it is really prudent to get proper advice on the visa requirements and general levels of cover needed for the country that you will reside in.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail and find out the costs then please contact James or a member of the Health Matters team.

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