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Influenza A (H1N1) advice for the public

This article is intended to give advice for people caring for someone with influenza A (H1N1) symptoms or themeselves have symptoms.
  • At present, the vast majority of people who fall ill can be cared for at home and recover without medical treatment.
  • People shoud be aware of signs of severe illness and not delay seeking medical attention in cases where someone experiences shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or if a fever continues more than three days.
  • Anyone who becomes ill with a fever above 38C should seek medical attention.
  • Parents with a young child who is ill should get medical care if the child has fast or laboured breathing, continuing fever or convulsions (seizures), or is confused, unconscious or difficult to awaken.
  • People caring for someone who is sick should protect themselves and other with careful hygiene (hand washing, cough etiquette).
  • People should become informed, and stay informed as things change.
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