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How to Support your employees

Show you care
Let your employees know that you care about them. An employee that feels cared for will be a happy employee. Workforce Health screens can be a great cost effective way to let your employees know you care its something they can reap the benefits from and help them have a healthier lifestyle.

Open doors
Does your office have a door? Try leaving it open, something as simple as this will let your employees feel less separated from you and entices them to communicate issues or problems. This way you can handle things before they affect the way a team performs.

Show concern

Show concern for your employees. Think about how they may be feeling could there be a high level of stress in the office, or private family issues? They may just need somebody to simply talk to. A programme called an Employee assistance programme could help, it gives support to employees over the phone, face-to-face and even on the internet which allow employees and their house hold family members to obtain information or to have someone to talk to 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Let employees know when they have done a good job, there really is no bigger boost an employee can get then when their employer truly appreciates them.

Understand your Employees
Create a questionnaire to give your employees, make it confidential. Ask questions like what motivates you, how could we make you days easier and do you feel you need someone other then your team leader to talk to about issues. If you get results saying 90% of your workforce would like moral support then look at ways you can give them what they want e.g. Employee assistance programmes.

Have a yearly appreciation party and give out awards/certificates to employees for their various contributions. Also recognise your employee’s anniversary with the company with a thank you letter and a gift.
Bring snacks into your next meeting for everyone. This may encourage people to communicate better bringing something other then work into the mix then get down to business.

Let employees have their say
Have a suggestion box, so employees feel encouraged to share ideas.

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