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Health Matters launches Community Outreach Programme (COP)

Health Matters launches Community Outreach Programme encouraging children to take part in sporting events

Local employee health benefits company, Health Matters, has launched its community Outreach Programme demonstrating its work in supporting West Midlands Modern Pentathlon in the Warwickshire region, together with supporting the Coventry Tigers Softball Club.

At Health Matters we recognise the need to make a positive contribution to the community. The concept of thinking globally and acting locally is not lost on us – this is our corporate social responsibility.

We acknowledge that social responsibility and community action is an integral part of the Government’s agenda.

We have chosen to support an exciting programme for primary school children that is ground-breaking in its efforts to offer an eclectic package of health related activities. We wanted to go beyond the easy option of supporting traditional sports into a more diverse and challenging environment.

One element of our Community Outreach Programme is in encouraging children to take part in the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon, which challenges participants in running, swimming, pistol shooting, fencing and horse riding. Each sport requires different skills and techniques, presenting various hurdles to learn and overcome.

The results have been overwhelming. We have supported the development of clubs and biathlon events that have engaged hundreds of children. We anticipate that over 1,000 children a year will pass through the programme, representing their school teams, finding exit routes into local and regional sport, improving their fitness and diet, acquiring new skills and self-confidence and making a positive contribution to society.

Our association with softball in Coventry has had different motivations. Here we are looking to support an event that boys and girls as well as adults can all take part in and simply have fun. The game is a hybrid of rounders and baseball and is based on social interaction. We have supported the development of the Coventry Tigers adult team, their junior team (the Coventry Cubs) and the Coventry Rocks all-girls team. We expect 50 adults and 500 children to experience softball as a result of our efforts.

Overall we are very proud of our association with the clubs, organisations and above all the people involved with these activities. And it is people that make the difference...we like to think of our COP as a village in which we all help each other.



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