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Health Matters is now working with benenden health, a leading mutual healthcare provider in the UK.

Until recently benenden has only worked direct with customers but has seen the benefits of opening their doors to include intermediaries as part of their sales channel.  Health Matters is one of a select few that has began to promote their unique product offering to the wider public. 

benenden, via Health Matters, can provide you and your company with a very competitive alternative to Health Insurance or Private Medical Insurance.  Premiums on company paid basis are set at £7.80 per month per insured member.  This will increase to £8.19 on 1st April 2014.  At a fraction of the cost of a standard medical insurance policy the benenden Business Healthcare scheme provides real value benefits to both employers and employees alike. 

Members can access physiotherapy, consultations and diagnostic tests, in conjunction with the benenden terms and conditions.  Health Matters will discuss this with interested parties in more detail.  Outpatient treatment can be done at one of 21 recognised benenden hospitals or a locally authorised consultant.

Treatment is however provided on a discretionary basis.  benenden will take into account NHS waiting times, how the issue effects your day to day living both at home and work before agreeing to any treatment.  The reason for this is simple.  benenden are a mutual society not an insurance company so it is run by the members for the members and as such there is a moral responsibility to manage paying claims.  Traditional Private Medical Insurance will not do this.  It is also the reason that the monthly premium is a flat rate across the board.

Should you need an operation and it has been agreed by benenden then there are 21 hospitals all over the country where you can go to have the treatment. 

benenden Health really does give you an alternative to expensive Private Medical Insurance and provides different benefits to a cash plan for similar costs.  Please get in contact with Health Matters to see how it compares to your current arrangements or just if you want to find out more.

James Henson

30th December 2013


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