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Health Matters Assistance Programme Who, Why and What options

The Employee Assistance Programme market is being heavily commoditised over the past few years with many providers sacrificing quality of service for reduced rates and market share. Many companies are looking to buy the cheapest Employee Assistance Programme available to tick the health and safety box and not really considering the wider uses and benefits of having a fully integrated and promoted Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

This is having the effect of driving down the price of an EAP but at the expense of level of service and account management given by the provider. Health Matters is acutely aware of the need for companies to get value for money from their benefits and the return on investment that should be provided by a fully integrated EAP. This is what has lead Health Matters to develop our own EAP, the Health Matters Assistance Programme. The service has been developed with PPC Worldwide, the leading EAP provider. PPC provide the support and all the customer facing side of the service while Health Matters deal with all the account management, promotion, accounting and ongoing support for the administrators and decision makers.

This relationship has allowed Health Matters to offer a fully account managed service at very competitive rates. If you have an EAP renewal coming up then we would be happy to provide you with a quote and then discuss how we can make the difference.

The link below will open a PDF which will outline more details about the health Matters Assistance Programme.


James Henson July 2011

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