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Friends Life simplify the Group Life Claim Process

Friends Life press release:

"We no longer need to see the original death certificate for Group Life claims. Deaths can now be verified instantly by Friends Life through the Government Records Office. This means that with immediate effect, we no longer require the death certificate to be sent in to us with the notification of members death form.

There will still be a very small number of claims where we still require sight of the original certificate, for example (but not limited to) deaths abroad, deaths that are under investigation by the Coroner, benefits over £500,000 and some very recent deaths that may not yet be uploaded on to the Government Records Office database.

If we are unable to verify the claim electronically, we will request sight of the original death certificate within 48 hours of receiving the notification of members death form.

We still hope to be able to verify the majority of Group Life Claims without requiring the original death certificate ensuring claims are paid as quickly as possible with no requirement for the grieving family to provide any paperwork to us."

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