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Exploring Ways to Manage you Back Pain

Many people are all-too-familiar with back pain, with around one in three UK adults experiencing low back pain in any one year¹. Exercise, physiotherapy and medications are often effective at relieving the pain, but did you know changing our perception of pain can also help?

Research has shown that experiencing physical pain can have an effect on your mood, by leaving you feeling frustrated, anxious or even depressed². Emotions can also affect the way that you perceive the pain – negative emotions can amplify your discomfort and the impact on your daily life².

Learning how to think differently about your pain is an additional way of helping your recovery.

To find useful tips and guidance about how to manage pain click here to visit our free “Getting you back into action” guide.

You can also ask your GP about physiotherapists who include psychology theory in their treatment.

In addition, you can search the Bupa Finder tool to find a psychotherapist in your area if you are interested in exploring a psychological approach to your pain management. We also cover face-to-face, and video and telephone remote therapy sessions. 

Thanks to Bupa for this interesting article.

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