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Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)

The UK EAPA is a branch of the EAP Association based in the USA. The primary purpose of EAPA is to promote the highest standards of practice and the continuing development of employee assistance professionals, programmes and services. EAPA is the professional benchmark for the EAP market and sets the national standards of practice and guidelines for EAPs.

The goals of EAPA can be summarised as:

  • Organisational Effectiveness - to continuously improve EAPA's organisational structure and resources to pursue its vision, achieve its mission, and fully satisfy the needs of its members.
  • Professional Ethics - to support the highest level of ethical practice among employee assistance professionals
  • Professional Development - to continuously improve the competency and qualifications of employee assistance professionals
  • Professional Standards - to foster the highest level of employee assistance programme standards
  • Professional Recognition - to promote awareness and recognition of employee assistance programme benefits
  • Research and Information - to provide information and sponsor research on issues affecting the development of the field and its professionals

Mr David Smith, Chair of UK EAPA comments “The EAP market in the UK is a significant one, with organisations’ spending on them estimated by UK EAPA research well in excess of £50 million per annum. Given this significant spend it is not that surprising that procurement of an EAP is something that needs to be undertaken with appropriate planning, research and investigation”.

Health Matters (UK) Limited as a professional Intermediary only recommends EAP Providers who are full-members of EAPA. Furthermore, Health Matters (UK) Limited is also a Consultant-member of EAPA. Details can be found at , or upon request via .

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