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EAP provider achieves 100th Housing client

Press Release - Health Matters (UK) Limited

Employee Assistance Programme Provider and Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Health Matters, have celebrated gaining their 100th Housing client.  

Health Maters provide several services to Housing Companies but the main area of interest, within the sector, is the Market Leading EAP, Health Matters Assistance Programme (HMAP), which is consistently rated highly with the employees and employers of Housing Organisations.  One of the main reasons behind the success of the HMAP is the highly effective and eye-catching promotional material which resonates positively with the typical housing company workforce.  Average usage on the HMAP for a housing client is 21%. 

The increase usage means customers see more value in the Programme and are more likely to renew the Programme and recommend it to their peers within the sector. 

Effective Promotional Material is the answer to increase usage of an Employee Assistance Programme

Managing Director, Simon Hurley-Smith, commented that he was very proud of the achievement and attributed the success of the firm to the dedication and professional of his staff.   “At the end of the day, we operate in a competitive marketplace and our customers join us, stay with us and recommend us because we provide a proactive service and ensure they (the Housing Company) gain a return on their investment in the form of highly motivated employees who feel valued and appreciated when they have to access one of our services”

Health Matters had provided employee benefits advice since 1999 and is now one of the UK’s most respected Employee Assistance Programme and Wellbeing Advisers with clients throughout the UK and in all industry Sectors including specialists within the Housing and Charity field. 

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