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Denplan Dental benefits Survey 2010

The dental benefits survey is conducted by Denplan on a regular basis to get a snap shot of the attitudes towards dental plans, dental providers and the marketplace. It is a very useful barometer of how companies view their existing and future benefits spends.

The dental benefits survey was published earlier this year. The research was undertaken by Denplan and YouGov in March 2010. They surveyed over 500 company decision makers and 1,486 employees to gain a valuable insight in the dental market place. The four key findings of the dental benefits survey are:


  1. Regularity of use is an important factor influencing the choice of benefits, for both companies and employees.
  2. Broker Recommendations are a key factor in influencing choice
  3. Companies look for products that are easy for employees to understand
  4. Employees consider value for money to be more important than cost

The dental benefits survey has provided statistics to show that individual company and employees are shifting their attitudes towards what they want to have from their benefits packages. 66% of companies stated that value for money is more important to them in 2010 than in 2009. A product that could be used more regularly has become more important with 33% saying it is more important than last year.

This is a trend that I am finding in the healthcare market as a whole with many of my clients asking the same fundamental questions about their benefits packages and not just dental. Please contact me if you would like to find out more about how Health Matters can help you, your company and employees.

There are so many interesting facts and figures in the report that are worth reading about. I have attached link to the full report so please download it and peruse at your leisure.



Denplan Dental Benefits Survey 2010 PDF

Written by James Henson 14/12/10

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