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Changing attitudes to gyms and health and fitness

Ever since PruHealth made the connection between Private medical insurance and gym membership five years ago, other health insurance providers and hospital groups have been entering into partnerships with the UK's growing health club industry.

Most insurers now believe that not only are they adding relevant extra value to their customers, they are also helping to improve the fitness of their members and thus reduce the number of claims being made.

Pru Health's dynamic vitality product has led the way, also offering rewards for health screens, healthy eating and stop smoking courses.

They are not alone however with others now beginning to latch onto the concept and understand that modern day consumers are a lot more health conscious and responsive to health incentives.

AVIVA Health gives its customers 15% to 40% of gym memberships and BUPA members are entitled to discounts at gyms and fitness centres that participate in its fitness connection schemes.

Whilst some still turn their noses up at the new more sophisticated PMI models, there is no doubt that the closer eye on health and well-being from both employers and employees is forcing those stuck in their ways to re think how health incentives can both benefit insurers and clients alike.

Russell Davies 11/03/2011


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