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Are EAPs really confidential?

Completely. Confidentiality is at the heart of the Employee Assistance Programme and the telephone advisors and counsellors are bound by their professional Code of Practice. When you contact the service, the only information you need to provide is the name of the organisation you work for.


Employee benefits live draw

The employee benefits live draw for the bottle of champagne will be made on 12th October. Please let us know if you still want to enter!


It pays to invest in a healthy workforce

The recent publication of the 'Sickness Absence Review', commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions, has put the spotlight on health and well-being as a strategic business priority. Increasingly, companies of all sizes are recognising the value of investing in a broad range of health and well-being services, challenging the assumption that workplace health is simply a benefit or perk for senior managers.


auto enrolment blog

Pension auto enrolment is fast approaching for companies of all different sizes. No doubt many of you will have got your pension company or adviser working on this for you but have you thought about what you might do about any associated Group Protection scheme that are linked to pension membership such as Group Life Assurance or Group Income Protection.


Do you have a back-up plan?

It may or may not have escaped your attention but Britain is currently gripped by a financial crisis which is unprecedented for the majority of people across the UK. For a lot of families, this has placed greater emphasis on the control and management of family finances with a clear focus on looking to the future and being prepared for any storms that lurk across the horizon.


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