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BUPA's removal of 12 hospitals from their Hospital Directory

Following BUPA's recent announcement to remove 12 BMI hospitals from their 'recognised' hospital list as of January 2012 we want to take this opportunity to update out clients on the situation and give you the facts.

We would like to reassure our BUPA clients that:

  • The 12 different hospitals have readily available alternatives where members can receive the same quality treatment and service.
  • Bupa members who are mid-treatment will not be affected, and can continue to be treated at one of the 12 hospitals even if the treatment continues well into 2012. BUPA will ensure that members have continuity of care.
  • BUPA will not be redirecting members to lower quality hospitals or removing choice. All Bupa recognised hospitals are high quality and members can receive the same quality and service at readily available alternative Bupa 'recognised' hospitals.
  • The vast majority of consultants at the 12 hospitals have arrangements in place to treat Bupa members at alternative local hospitals. The consultants were informed of these proposed changes to the hospital directory in early November and to give them time to make alternative arrangements to treat Bupa members next year.
  • BUPA are not changing contracts mid-term. Hospital lists do change from time to time, which may mean removing hospitals/facilities or adding new ones as equipment, quality, standards and prices change. BUPA will always aim to ensure their members have convenient access to high quality affordable healthcare in around 700 hospitals across the UK. BUPA's fully trained member service advisors will be able to help ensure all our clients’ treatment and recovery is the only thing they have to think about.
  • BUPA are not putting profits before patients. Bupa has no shareholders or dividends to pay and try to act on behalf of their members and their main goal is to keep health insurance affordable in the long term.

Health Matters is an organisation, which is focused on our customers and we support BUPA in addressing the rising costs of private healthcare.

If you have any concerns or worries please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff directly or our Managing Director, Simon Hurley-Smith,

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