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Book now to Beat the BUPA Price Increase

It has got to that time of year again when BUPA Wellness begin to look at the prices for their health screens.

From 1st April 2011 BUPA Wellness will be increasing the prices for their executive health screens by 3%. The table below will give the new rates and these will show on the Health Matters site asap. The current rates can still be seen and accessed.

These new rates for the BUPA wellness health screens will apply to all new BUPA Health Screens or screen accounts that are added to the Health Matter’s eligibility list post 1st April.

If you are thinking about BUPA wellness health screen or health assessment then get in contact now. As long as you are added to the Health Matters BUPA Health Screening eligibility before 31st March you will still access the current prices. The Booking team will confirm your BUPA health screen date and this can be after 1st April.

Any corporate accounts set up before 1st April will also benefit from the old rates for twelve months regardless of when the BUPA health screens are booked in.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.

Screen Type    List Price    2011-12

Advanced           £695.00     £521.00

Complete           £535.00     £401.00

Essential            £364.00     £273.00

Mature              £588.00     £441.00

Female              £320.00     £240.00

Core                 £154.00     £116.00

Mammogram     £85.00       £85.00

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James Henson 04/03/2011

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