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Management Medical Referral


At Health Matters we work with a number of Occupational Health providers and depending on the details of the case specifics and the geographic location of the customer will depend on who we suggest you use.

Initially we would need you to complete an employers Referral Form and gain the employee s signature on a Consent Form and return the form to us.

The OH Provider will then decide whether an OH Physician or an OH Adviser should handle the case.

An OH Adviser will generally cost  299 which includes a meeting between the Adviser and the employee. You, the employer, will then receive an informed and detailed report and recommendations from the Adviser.

For more complex cases there may be a requirement for an OH Physician to take over the case and visit the employee and this would cost typically  399. This may be higher (nearer to  599) if the physician needs to see the employee at their home rather than at the physicians consulting rooms.
The report you receive back will be detailed and provide sufficient information for you, the employer, to make a decision regarding the employee s future role within your organisation.


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