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Online - Health Risk Assessments (HRA)


Health Matters hasaccess toprofessionalonline assessments thatcan form the core of every results-driven health promotion strategy – giving forward-thinking employers the power to measure health risks and provide targeted health promotion programmes for their people.

How does it work?

Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of the current state of your organisation’s overall health profile. Once we understand the population’s health we can recommend a bespoke programme to improve your employees’ health in the areas they need it.

Our complete offering includes:

  • Health Risk Assessments (HRA) – providing a baseline to monitor improvements.
  • Management Reporting – a quantifiable link between health data and your bottom line.
  • Achievable & Sustainable Health Promotion Programmes – including weight and depression management to help your employees make small changes for long-lasting results.
Employers: How healthy are your people? How effective are your health promotion initiatives and what return do you get for your investment?

We can provide you with the answers.
Our new health & wellbeing assessment will give your employees all the tools they need to measure and monitor their health. Once your employees have taken the assessment, we will analyse the data to provide you with a bespoke management report.
Investing in our solution is a great way to:
  • Identify the specific health & wellbeing needs of your population
  • Link health data to your bottom line
  • Target health interventions more effectively
  • Measure the effectiveness of your investment in health promotion
  • Reduce absence and boost productivity levels
Employees: An interactive health & wellbeing assessment that will give your employees all the tools they need to keep their health in check. The service is available anywhere in the world, at home or at work, and it is completely confidential.
Providing a health & wellbeing assessment for your employees will:
  • Give a personalised and detailed report highlighting the key areas they need to focus on
  • Provide a snapshot of their overall health status
  • Let them monitor health over time to make a lasting change
  • Help to manage sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity levels
  • Give tools to become healthier, energetic and more productive

Let’s talk engagement

The key to any successful health & wellbeing strategy is to engage your staff with the service. We have a suite of on-site health boosters and promotional pieces to entice your employees to register and improve their health. We’re used to working with a range of different companies in dispersed locations – let us get to know your organisation and we can recommend a strategy that fits your needs.
How long does it take to complete ?
It takes just 10-15 minutes to register and take the health & wellbeing assessment. Once you’ve completed your assessment you will immediately receive a personal that highlights the key areas of health & wellbeing and a report designed to take to your GP as a talking point.
Is it really confidential ?
Yes! The management report uses amalgamated and depersonalised data to generate an overview of your organisation’s health profile. The report allows employers to focus investment in the areas of health that your organisation really needs.

What’s coming down the line?

It doesn’t end here – soon we will be able to offer your employees a comprehensive suite of health & wellbeing tools including:

  • Targeted risk assessments – drilling down into your employees sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity
  • A portfolio of health & wellbeing articles
  • Weight Management Programme
  • Depression Management programme

Look out for these great solutions designed to keep your employees energetic and productive.

What kind of information does the management report provide ?

The management report will provide you with an overview of your organisation’s results, benchmarked against a demographically similar population in the industry. It also identifies your four highest priority health & wellbeing areas so you can target your health investments into the areas that need it most.

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