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Eyecare Vouchers & Eye Tests

For Employers, Eyecare Vouchers are the simplest way to minimise paperwork and meet legal obligations.  Through Health Matters, you will gain access to a unique corporate eyecare scheme that minuses administration, ensures employees are never out of pocket and gives them choice at over 96% of the UK's opticians.

Meeting your legal obligations with Eyecare Vouchers

Eyecare vouchers are a quick, simple, cost-effective way for you, the Employer, to offer your employees the flexibility to choose the eyecare they want.  As an Employer, you are legally obligated to provide staff working on VDUs with eye tests and glasses, if necessary.

Making compliance easy with corporate eyecare

  • Minimising cost and time - corporate eyecare vouchers are a hassle-free way of giving your employees the eyecare they need, without the high administration costs of dealing with expense claims.
  • Taking control - with a reimbursement system in-place, it's impossible to fix the price of an eye test.  The corporate Eyecare Vouchers work with 96% of the UK's opticians to fix the price of eye examination vouchers, giving you greater control over your company spending as a result.
  • Keeping a record - every sight test carried out using the corporate Eyecare Vouchers results in a certificate of recommendation being returned, meaning you can prove your company is complying with legislation.
  • Employees are never out of pocket - Corporate eyecare Vouchers are pre-paid by you, the Employer, meaning employees' simply hand them over to the opticians in exchange for an examination or spectacles.            


Eyecare Vouchers and your Business

Giving corporate Eyecare Vouchers isn't just about compliance, they can identify your organisation as a caring, forward-thinking employer - and you can give them to everyone.  What's more, promoting good eye health can protect productivity - research shows that 1.5 million workers have taken time off for eye-related illnesses, a considerable cost for British businesses.
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