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Corporate Dental Insurance

Corporate dental insurance is now widely recognised as an essential part of an employee benefits package. Especially since it has become very difficult to receive dental treatment as an NHS patient and "pay as you go" treatment is extremely expensive.

Health Matters (UK) can arrange a corporate group dental insurance scheme either o n a Company funded basis or as a voluntary arrangement via salary deduction.

Benefits For Employees
  • Valued Benefit that employees will genuinely use and benefit from.
  • Preventative Cover is designed to treat "potential" dental issues rather waiting until there is an emergency or urgent treatment required.
  • Reassurance that their employer is committed to a long-term investment in them and their health and wellbeing.
  • Peace of Mind knowing that any problems will be treated quickly and conveniently.
  • Choice of Dentist from all areas of the country.  
Cover can also be extended to include Worldwide emergency treatment.
There are usually no waiting periods and cover is available immediately with no initial oral health check.
Benefits for Employers
  • Easy to Administer simply inform us of each members name and address and we will arrange cover.
  • Dental Accident cover is included up to £10,000 on some schemes.
  • Valued Employee Benefit which helps retain employees and attracts higher calibre candidates for vacancies.
  • Flexible Cover can be arranged to meet your exact requirements.
Worldwide Emergency Cover:
  • Typical Cost  3.80 per member per month; 
  • 24 Hour Worldwide emergency helpline;
  • Up to  10,000 dental accident cover per annum;
  • Up to  200 dental call-out fees per year;
  • Cover includes dental accidents and emergencies. 

What Next ...
  • Freephone Health Matters (UK) on 0800 988 0085
  • We will discuss the best options for you and make recommendations


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