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Executive Health Assessments by Nuffield Health and BUPA Corporate health screening


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Exclusive Bupa Offer until April 2018 - For Indiviudal and Company clients

Health Matters has made your screening selection as easy as possible.

We have managed to secure considerable discounts from the standard retail price offered by BUPA and these are available to all Health Matters customers.  Please contact our team via the links below to discuss your requirements and related prices.

In 2016 Bupa have made changes to their long-standing Health Assessments

Health Screen

BUPA Price


You Pay

Bupa Health Peak (Previously Advanced) 


25% Discount


Bupa Health Enhance (Previously Complete)


25% Discount


Bupa Health Focus (Previously Essential)


25% Discount


Bupa Health Core (Previously Core)


25% Discount


Bupa Health Mature (Previously Mature)


25% Discount


Bupa Health Female (Previously Female)


25% Discount


These rates apply until  March 2018

Specialist Tests 

Breast Health - £231                      Mammography add on £102
Coronary Health - £837                 Coronary CT Scan add on £645

Advanced Fitness Test - £230        Colon Health - £709


The main changes from the 2016 range of Health Assessments are:

  • Assessments are now NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) approved
  • Focusing on pre and post health screening giving the client a more holistic experience
  • New blood sample testing techniques means no more need for a 6 hour fast, no more need to send the samples to a haematology lab and same day blood results
  • The blood sample is taken via a finger prick similar to that a diabetic undertakes so no more need for a syringe and needle
  • Dual arm blood pressure test (replacing single arm) giving a more accurate and detailed reading, due to this the resting and stress ECG’s are only delivered if clinically indicated necessary
  • Attendees will be given access to the “Bupa Boost” app after the health screening to monitor their health and progression for 12 months after
  • A health advisor / nurse will make 2 quantity 3 monthly follow up calls to discuss progression and concerns with the individual and will have access to their Bupa Boost results on each call
  • Increased times for the doctor consultation at the end of the screening to discuss pre-existing health concerns and to go into more detail about the screening results.

BUPA Health Peak Assessment 

BUPA Enhanced
Health Assessment

Health Assessment

   BUPA Focus Health

       Mature Health Assessment

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